3 Popular Fields of Biomedical Engineering

Aspiring engineers with a passion for helping people would do well to consider a career in biomedical engineering. As the name implies, this field entails creating innovative medical devices and tools, as well as tweaking and perfecting existing ones. Working in biomedical engineering will provide you with abundant opportunities to put your mathematical prowess and technical knowhow to good use. It’s important to note, however, that biomedical engineering is far from a “one size fits all” affair. This field has a variety of subsets, all of which have a great deal to offer knowledgeable engineers. Anyone thinking about going into biomedical engineering should read up on the following areas of study.

1. Biomechanics

Engineers who work in biomechanics focus primarily on internal motion. As such, their main goal is creating devices that promote healthy movement within the human body. Notable creations by biomedical engineers include joint replacements and artificial heart valves. Devices like these have improved countless individuals’ quality of life and paved the way for future medical breakthroughs. Click here for more information on the fascinating work done by biomechanical engineers.

2. Biomaterials

Engineers who work in biomaterials are tasked with creating materials that can safely reside within the human body. These materials are used to create implants that can last a lifetime without causing any harm to their hosts. Furthermore, certain biomaterials are designed to work in tandem with living cells. In addition to being free of toxins and carcinogens, the materials crafted by biomedical engineers also need to be strong enough to take the place of actual limbs.

3. Cellular Engineering

Cellular engineers focus on the progression of diseases and the ways in which certain illnesses affect cellular activity. Forming a solid understanding of how cells react to various diseases helps cellular engineers find ways to slow their progression and develop cures. Cellular engineers work hand-in-hand with medical researchers and are responsible for a wide range of clinical breakthroughs.

Budding engineers looking for a rewarding field of study needn’t look any further than biomedical engineering. Not only is working in this industry tremendously fulfilling, it’s also highly profitable. In light of how difficult it’s become for college graduates to make a comfortable living, new biomedical engineers are sure to appreciate the generous salaries associated with this field. With competitive pay and a fascinating assortment of career options, it can’t be denied that biomedical engineering has a lot to offer.