Affordable Software for the Hotel Industry

Operating a hotel efficiently can be difficult because there are so many aspects to keep track of. Owners have to manage the business, discover ways to market it, and make sure the building is properly maintained, among other duties. Whether the hotel has five rooms or one-hundred and five rooms, owners can save time and money with affordable software designed specifically for the hotel industry.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service is much more affordable than purchasing new software every few years. It is offered at a monthly subscription rate, which is easy to fit into a budget. Updates are installed automatically so owners always have access to the latest technology. Information is stored in the cloud, making services even more affordable.

Different monthly rates are available for each of the six software products offered to accommodate unique needs and a variety of hotel sizes. Reservit, for example, is the online booking engine software product. The rate is based on the size of the hotel in five categories ranging from a small hotel (one to five rooms) to an XX large hotel (sixty-six rooms and higher).


In addition to the Reservit software, there are five other products available. The Hotello software focuses on hotel management. It is offered in three options. Features include reservations, invoicing, a night audit with an automated backup routine, check in/check out interfaces, and daily inventory.

H emailing provides email marketing tools that can be customized to extol the highlights of any style of hotel. Equip software helps streamline maintenance management. Panasonic telephone system integration is the purpose of the KX Hotel product.

H quality is the software that provides tools for measuring guest experiences. That feedback is how owners determine what improvements will enhance stays and raise revenues. Simple changes may include switching to a different brand of coffee at the free breakfast buffet. Replacing the carpet is another example of a change that may be indicated by feedback regarding the overall hotel appearance.

Results of the Service

Complete details for each product, along with pricing options, are available in the article here. Hosting and unlimited support are included with every software service. Compare the time and money currently spent on monotonous but essential tasks with the pricing of the desired software.