Career Prospects of Medical Lab Technicians in Canada

There are several tests performed each day in Canada’s medical labs and without that, the country’s advanced healthcare system wouldn’t work. Doctors need accurate test results upon which relies their discretion of the patient’s treatment. As a matter of fact, information required by the doctors accounts for 85% of the results generated by lab testing. Such dependencies make the position of medical laboratory assistants/technicians (MLA/T) significant.

Who is a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician?

It is critical that doctors make informed decisions for their patients. The right choice of treatment can only be made upon the correct diagnosis of the problem. Such diagnosis takes medical experts other than doctors to make that happen. Most of these professionals are working in laboratories. A medical lab technician helps with the collection, preparation, and testing of fluid, blood, & tissue samples, and many other laboratory duties which are important for getting doctors the results they … Read the rest

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