How To Studying Smarter

If you are one of those students who try too hard when studying and still can not seem to get the good grades than maybe it is time for you to step back and reevaluate your situation. Perhaps the problem is that you try ‘too hard’ when you study. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘study long, study wrong’? Sometimes the longer you study the less you remember and the more confused you are. Trick is that you need to study smart. According to an article on Psychology Today, you should focus on studying smarter and shorter versus longer and harder. The article goes on to discuss the two most vital principals when it comes to studying. These two vital principals are: spacing out your studies over time and testing yourself. You should study in short bursts rather than long sessions. If you test yourself regularly than you will be training your brain to remember it easier rather than testing yourself right after you studied it. In another article, it recommended a few additional items that you might want to try next time you are getting ready to study. In order to be a smarter studier you should: set goals, find a good study environment, get yourself in study mode, tell yourself learning this is important, question yourself regularly, and give yourself a five minute break for every twenty-five minutes of studying.

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