Making the Most of You Electives

As you pursue your MBA in finance, you will discover that most of the course load focuses on the technical aspects of the business. You find that you are revisiting many of the topics and materials from your bachelor’s degree courses but now you are exploring the concepts at a much deeper and more detailed level. But even with this more intense curriculum, it is important to maintain your focus when selecting your electives. There are many essential skills that do not focus only on finance but are critical to your success in the business world. It is vital that you make every effort to understand more about these skills and take advantage of the learning opportunity that your electives can offer.

Strong communication skills are the foundation of any great leader. You will need to be able to express your thoughts and ideas to not only your direct reports but also to your superiors and clients in a professional and well thought out manner. Some communication will be in a written format such as emails or reports but other information will be conveyed verbally. Having the ability to complete an in person presentation, an online presentation or to write in a manner which is concise and easy to understand will make you a much more successful business person.

As you work in the finance industry, your clients will often be small business owners who are seeking your expertise. To provide clients with the most useful information, it is important for you to have background information about small business ownership, the challenges that business owner’s face and a realistic view of life in a small business. Taking a few classes in entrepreneurship will give you the information you need to help your clients make the best choices possible for the future of their business. The information that you acquire in your elective courses will help you to understand more about the needs of your future clients.