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Being An Exotic Dancer

Being a stripper has always been a problem for many since they consider the job not to be the right thing to do but if you looked at the activity in a different angle you could be able to see it has its advantages.By advantageous I mean that the job is also appealing to the exotic dancers and can boost her ego.who doesn’t want to dance and have people throw money.

Having made the decision to be a stripper you have to have less concern with what people say and see life differently since you will be meeting different types of people every day some will try to criticize what you do others will encourage you.Being a stripper means that there will be a lot of attention towards you .the funny thing is there will be less negative attention compared to the positive attention.The boys will be all over you since they can’t get enough of you in the club they follow you around.

Sleeping in is no problem to strippers since they do work late at night and get cash in a lot of money .Strippers tend to bring in a lot of cash within a short time given they can dance for a few minutes and people toss them loads of cash by doing this stripper can make a lot in one night than most people.

However though the money is in plenty the phrase more money more problems comes in handy since that’s where most of the exotic dancers lose there track however if you can be able to manage your finances your good to go.

Physical fitness is the real problem when it comes to new strippers since you get to be on the pole without stopping by doing this you tend to be physically fit with time since you get to work out on the job.
In the stripping club there has to be a reason why the customers keep coming back the reason is that the strippers have to have a theme or a character to which they can fit in and be able to showcase their talent.

Wearing high heels has been a problem for many but is very rare to find a stripper struggling with regular hills since they have gotten used to the very high heels.

stripping may have its disadvantages but to a normal exotic dancers it is actually very healthy in terms of their physiological health since they can be able to boost their self-esteem and ego by getting on stage and showing their sexy most people don’t have the people don’t have this opportunity and that’s why this job is unique.
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